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DSC03675 - Mati Evil Eye Pillow Pink Mai



Mati "Evil Eye" Collection

Mati "Evil Eye" Collection

South Africa is blessed with a vibrant Greek society that have contributed extensively to the growth of this country. If you have been privileged enough to have Greek friends, you will know the warmth and sense of community that comes with such a union, never mind the fact that you will never leave a Greek home hungry!!


“Greek culture is rich and steeped in deep traditions that include the belief in the protective power of the MATI or Evil Eye. This Amulet dating back centuries is usually worn as jewellery or displayed in the home. The MATI is believed to give protection to the wearer/ inhabitants of the home from the malevolent glares that may be cast upon them. The MATI reflects the negative energy (whether calculated or not) back towards those who intended to wish harm.”


Although the Evil Eye can also be found all over the Mediterranean and across the Middle East, the muhle MATI pillow is a tribute to the wonderful South African Greek Community.


Whether you are a believer in the power of the MATI or not this Pillow adds a graphic statement and a mystical element to anywhere it is placed!

20" x 20" - Square

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