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Calling all Mommies, Daddies, Grannies, Aunties, Family Members of New Parents... Photographers - Amateur or Professional...
Every new life is worth celebrating and one of the greatest joys for parents is recording their baby's milestones and reveling in the joy of watching them grow.

The muhle Milestone set consists of 5 cubes and has the following:
3 x Number Cubes with number combinations from 0 to 995
1 x Time Cube that gives the options of Year/Years/ Month/Months/Days/Weeks
1 x a 6 sided Milestone Marker Cube that say
Check me Smile!, I'm Sitting, I can Walk, Found my words and then two generic sides
Today I am... and Growing so fast!

Soft, fluffy, faux-fur blanket specifically designed for use in photos as a base to lay or sit your baby/child on. It is white on both sides and ensures that those precious moments are captured crisp and beautifully. Can be purchased on its own or as a combo set with Milestone Cubes.

The muhle Sensory Cube has 6 different textural materials each representing a different feel from soft, furry, bumpy, rough, spongy and visual metallic. 

Milestone Cube Set #1
Milestone Cube Set #2
Sensory Play Cube #1
Faux Fur Blanket - White
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